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Rotaract in RI District 3310 has consistently demonstrated its dedication to service and community betterment through a series of remarkable showcase projects. From organizing large-scale health camps providing vital medical services to underserved communities to spearheading innovative environmental conservation initiatives, their impactful projects stand as a testament to their commitment to Rotary's motto of "Service Above Self."

Take a look at some of their projects they have done over the years!

Annual End Polio Now Fundraising Campaign

Rotaract District 3310's "End Polio Now Fundraising Campaign" is a compelling and impactful initiative aimed at eradicating polio worldwide. In this innovative campaign, Rotaractors engage in fundraising efforts by purchasing specially designed merchandise, the proceeds of which are donated to the Polio Fund within Rotary International.

The campaign not only raises crucial funds to support the global fight against polio but also raises awareness about the importance of polio eradication efforts.

Through the sale of merchandise such as pins, T-shirts, and other promotional items, Rotaractors effectively contribute to the Polio Fund, which plays a pivotal role in immunization programs and ensuring that children around the world receive the polio vaccine.

This campaign not only showcases the dedication and commitment of Rotaractors in District 3310 to Rotary's mission but also serves as a tangible symbol of their unwavering support for a polio-free world. By participating in this initiative, they are actively contributing to a historic global health endeavor, bringing us one step closer to the ultimate goal of ending polio once and for all.

Nursing Home Visits

The Rotaract Clubs of District 3310 have embarked on a heartwarming and impactful initiative focused on bringing comfort and companionship to the elderly in nursing homes. Organized by the District Rotaract Committee, this ongoing program involves regular visits to nursing homes, where Rotaract members extend their care and compassion to the residents.

During these visits, Rotaract volunteers engage in a variety of activities designed to brighten the lives of the elderly residents. They spend quality time chatting, playing games, sharing stories, and even organizing small events to celebrate birthdays and holidays. These interactions provide much-needed social interaction and emotional support to the elderly residents, many of whom may be isolated or lonely.

The program not only enhances the well-being of the nursing home residents but also exemplifies Rotaract's commitment to service and its focus on building strong and compassionate communities. Through these visits, the Rotaract Clubs of District 3310 are making a meaningful difference in the lives of the elderly, creating lasting connections, and reminding us all of the power of human kindness and companionship.

RI Districts 3310 x 3820 Rotaract Friendship Exchange Programme

The Rotary International (RI) Districts 3310 and 3820 Rotaract Friendship Exchange Program is a unique and enriching initiative that fosters international goodwill, understanding, and collaboration among Rotaractors from two distinct regions.

Through this program, Rotaract clubs from District 3310 and District 3820 come together to create opportunities for cultural exchange, friendship, and joint service projects. Rotaractors from both districts have the chance to immerse themselves in each other's cultures, gaining valuable insights and forging lasting friendships along the way.

Participants in this exchange program often engage in a wide range of activities, including cultural tours, community service projects, and collaborative events. These experiences not only broaden their horizons but also promote a sense of global unity and shared purpose.

The RI Districts 3310 and 3820 Rotaract Friendship Exchange Program embodies the spirit of Rotary and Rotaract by promoting international understanding and peace through service. It is a testament to the power of cross-cultural connections in making the world a more compassionate and interconnected place.

Annual World Speech Day Rotaract Showcase

The World Speech Day Rotaract Showcase is an annual event that takes place on the 15th of March, dedicated to celebrating the art of public speaking and nurturing confidence in communication among Rotaract members.

During this showcase, Rotaractors from various clubs participate in a giving a speech, where they deliver thought-provoking and inspiring speeches on a wide range of topics. These speeches aim to engage, inform, and motivate the audience, highlighting the importance of effective communication in today's world. There is also a speech contest for the Rotaractors from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE)!

This event not only encourages Rotaractors to overcome their fears of public speaking but also provides them with a platform to express their ideas, share their perspectives, and inspire positive change in their communities. It fosters an environment of learning and growth, where participants can develop their speaking skills, boost their self-confidence, and refine their ability to convey their thoughts and ideas with clarity and impact.

Project Kamleang (Global Grant)

Project Kamleang aims to empower young women aged 13-18 years old who are at risk of exploitation in Cambodia. This project comprises of two phases. The first is a collaboration with the Rotary Clubs of Raffles City, Singapore, Singapore North & Sentosa, Youth Corps Singapore and Learning Journeys Cambodia Foundation, which aims to assess and understand the needs of the beneficiaries better and train the selected girls as leaders. The second is to conduct a diversified and holistic educational and skills training programme for a group of 300 young women by local trainers assisted by the selected young leaders.

As part of our efforts to ensure the project's sustainability and measurability, the organizations will ensure that these young girls and trainers will gain necessary life skills to be self -sufficient and able to continue to impart their skills and knowledge for future batches of girls!

Limitless Boundaries of Arts

The District Rotaract Committee introduced an event called "Limitless Boundary of Arts," a captivating art event designed to raise awareness about Rotary's 7 Areas of Focus through creative expression.

"Limitless Boundary of Arts" provides a dynamic platform for Rotaractors to channel their creativity and passion towards creating art that educates, informs, and motivates. It's an opportunity for individuals to explore the intersection of art and social impact, emphasizing the idea that there are no limits to what can be achieved when art and service unite.

As the event unfolds over the course of a month, participants and viewers alike were inspired by the diverse and thought-provoking artworks that will be shared. This initiative not only enriches the Rotaract experience but also reinforces the enduring commitment of Rotaract to Rotary's mission of service and humanitarianism, transcending boundaries through the limitless power of art.

Annual Rotaract Youth Leadership Camp

The Rotaract Youth Leadership Camp is an annual, highly anticipated e-camp that provides Rotaractors with a unique and immersive platform to develop and enhance their leadership skills. 

This dynamic virtual camp is carefully curated to empower Rotaract members with practical leadership experiences and knowledge. Throughout the camp, participants engage in a variety of interactive activities, including case study scenarios, role-playing exercises, and facilitated discussions. These activities are designed to challenge their problem-solving abilities, decision-making skills, and teamwork while fostering a deep understanding of leadership principles.

Facilitative discussions serve as a forum for participants to exchange ideas, share experiences, and learn from one another's perspectives. These discussions are guided by experienced facilitators who provide guidance and insights, ensuring that each Rotaractor leaves the camp with a richer understanding of effective leadership.

The Rotaract Youth Leadership Camp is not only an opportunity for personal growth but also a chance to network with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds. It fosters a sense of camaraderie and collaboration among Rotaract members, strengthening their commitment to Rotary's mission of service.

District Rotaract Leadership Training Pool

The District Leadership Training Pool was started with the objectives of nurturing our next Rotaract Leaders with tailored Professional Development Skills. 

Under the supervision of the District Rotaract Committee, the programme hopes to help passionate Rotaractors understand the organization of Rotaract under Rotary International, and provide exposure and resources to district and Asia Pacific events and meetings. The Immediate Past District Rotaract Representative (IPDRR) heads the programme every Rotary Year.

Participants from this programme will complete the training by organising a project together as a team, in one of Rotary's Areas of Focus. Upon completion of the programme, hey will be awarded with a certificate signed by the District Rotaract Representative, District Rotaract Chair and the Immediate Past District Rotaract Representative.

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